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Reception Restaurant Close


A home for authentic Majorcan flavours.

The singularity of the “La cocina del fuego in the heart of Majorca. 

Meeting the authentic flavours and origins of Mediterranean cuisine, in an area with a long tradition of working the land and harvesting our orchards, we feel committed to delivering an exciting culinary experience that gives prominence to local first quality produce and cherishes the Majorcan heritage and culture.

A gastronomic Mediterranean experience, with the fire element at its core. Cooking with wood from different trees that provide their own unique flavours and the best roasting techniques. An adventure for the palette with Majorcan signature flavours. Working with the best local and seasonal produce, and the highest quality of ingredients. 

The setting is also exquisite, especially the outdoor area, matching the level of your plate and enhancing the whole experience beyond. A viewpoint from which you can estate the gardens, pick at our groves, the swimming pool, and catch a sunset over the fields. As for the interior space, a spacious room with high ceilings letting the warm light welcome you as you walk in.