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Where to see the sunrise in Mallorca

One of the most magical moments you can experience in Mallorca is the sunrise. Watching the sunrise in Mallorca is an experience not to be missed if you visit the island.

Whether in a hidden cove by the sea, from the top of a cliff or from one of the corners of the Serra de Tramuntana, every sunrise in Mallorca is an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy an incomparable visual spectacle.

In this article we will explain all the details about sunrise in Mallorca and the best places on the island to see the sunrise. Read on and plan your trip to live this experience!

What time does the sun rise in Mallorca?

The sun rises in Mallorca between 6:30 am in summer and 8:00 am in winter, so depending on when you visit the island, you will have to get up a little earlier. Sunrise usually lasts about 3 minutes, so make sure you set your alarm so you don't miss the show. We recommend arriving a little earlier to see the changing colours in the sky.

Best places to watch the sunrise in Mallorca

There are many places to see the sunrise in Mallorca, but we recommend you watch the sun rise over the horizon of the sea. These are the best places where you can enjoy the splendour of this moment:

Cap de Formentor

Located in the northern part of the island, Cap de Formentor offers a spectacular view of the sunrise over the Mediterranean. Here you will find the famous Faro de Formentor, a lighthouse located 200 metres above the sea, is one of the most spectacular places on the island for its views of the surroundings.

At Formentor you will not only be able to see the best sunrise in Mallorca, but also an incomparable landscape where the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains meet the sea. The best way to get there in the early hours of the day is to arrive in your own car.

Sa Calobra

Surrounded by high cliffs and rock formations, this magnificent cove is a unique place to witness the sunrise in Mallorca. When the sunrise is over, take the opportunity to start the day with a refreshing swim, and then head out to explore some of Mallorca's villages in the Tramuntana Mountains.

Amidst lavender fields

Located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, The Lodge's estate is set in an extensive lavender field offering a unique setting to witness the sunrise.

With 157 hectares of nature reserve, our luxury suites in Mallorca are a true haven of peace in nature. Wake up to one of the best sunrises in Mallorca and start the day with a yoga session or a walk along one of the estate's trails.

Sunrise from the sea

A unique way to watch the sunrise in Mallorca is from a boat, where you can see another perspective of the sunrise, illuminating the cliffs and coastline of the island. At The Lodge we offer a variety of boat trips to discover Cape Formentor, Cala de Sant Vicenç and other must-see destinations in the region.

If you just want to enjoy some quiet time at sea, you can rent a kayak to sail around Sa Calobra and other beautiful coves of Mallorca, discovering the marine world from up close.

From a balloon

Looking for an experience you'll never forget? Then we recommend watching the sunrise over Mallorca with a hot-air balloon trip, which will allow you to appreciate all the natural beauty of the island from a privileged point.

Depending on the time of year, balloon rides can take place between 7am and 9am, an ideal time to watch the sunrise.

Come and see the sunrise in Mallorca

If you are looking for accommodation in Mallorca to watch the best sunrises on the island, we invite you to stay at The Lodge Mallorca, a Mediterranean refuge with stunning villas in nature, where you will find moments of calm and privacy in a unique environment.

Boat and kayak trips, personalised routes on the estate's trails, hot air balloon trips, sports such as golf and cycling .... The Lodge offers you a wide range of activities in Mallorca to create your own adventure on the island. An unforgettable luxury getaway, in a privileged location to discover the natural wonders of Mallorca.

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August 21, 2023