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Lavender blooming in Mallorca

Lavender is a plant native to the Mediterranean area that flowers at the beginning of the summer, colouring the fields with a characteristic and beautiful violet.

Seeing lavender in bloom is a privileged experience that you can enjoy in the Serra de Tramuntana of Mallorca, where these flowers tint the fields during their flowering time, forming a memorable landscape filled with a unique perfume.

What is the flowering season for lavender?

In general, the flowering time for lavender depends on the climate and the variety of the plant. However, it is usually between late spring and mid-summer. Factors such as rain and cold can delay the flowering process, while heat and drought bring it forward. Lavender is usually harvested at the end of summer, between the second half of July and August.

The benefits of lavender

Mainly grown to produce lavender essential oil, the lavender flower is linked to several medicinal properties supported by science, as well as pharmacy treatments. It is considered a plant with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and digestive properties. It is also promoted for use against insomnia and to reduce anxiety or stress.

Lavender is used in infusions, as an essential oil or in lotions and cosmetics to help with scar healing. However, it is recommended to use in moderation and always seek the advice of a specialist.

The Lodge, a haven amidst lavender fields

Our hotel The Lodge is located in the middle of an extensive lavender field that offers a unique landscape in the interior of Mallorca and an idyllic setting to enjoy your holiday on the island.

Stay in a luxury hotel in Mallorca with all the comfort of independent villas located in the middle of nature, with magnificent views of the lavender sea and the Mallorcan countryside. Tranquillity, elegance and privacy define your stay at The Lodge, where we guarantee you the best possible rest.

Private events in Mallorca

If you are looking for a place in nature to hold events or group meetings in Mallorca, The Lodge has 157 hectares of private nature reserve at your disposal.

Our team will make sure your event is a success with a wide range of services including decoration, marquee installation and more. Plan an unforgettable celebration in the lavender flowering season! Ask for information and we will organize the event of your dreams in the Tramuntana Mountains of Mallorca.

Accommodation at The Lodge Mallorca

We invite you to stay in spacious and exclusive luxury suites in Mallorca with all the amenities for an unforgettable stay. Private terrace, Mallorcan patio, access to the pool... you are in the perfect retreat to experience the best of Mallorca. You can also enjoy activities such as yoga, cycling and running, very beneficial for your body and mind.

Gourmets can't miss the Singular Restaurant and its original Cocina del fuego (fire cuisine), a proposal based on high quality land and sea products with the flavour of wood from the surrounding trees.

Enjoy a stay in a true luxury retreat in the heart of Mallorca amidst the lavender fields - book your stay at The Lodge!

May 29, 2023