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Mallorca’s food and typical dishes

The gastronomy of Mallorca offers a unique blend of flavors and typical dishes that reflect the island’s history, culture and geography.

The gastronomy of Mallorca offers a unique blend of flavors and typical dishes that reflect the island’s history, culture and geography.

You can also discover a new destination through its food. Mallorca has a rich gastronomic heritage that is reflected in its most traditional dishes. From delicacies from the sea to cuisine based on the products of the land, the island invites you to an unforgettable culinary journey.

In this article we introduce you to the typical foods and dishes of Mallorca, the history behind the culinary culture that can be discovered today and we propose a restaurant where you will taste the best of Mallorcan gastronomy. Discover the gastronomy of Mallorca from The Lodge Mallorca, our luxury retreat in the heart of the island.

The gastronomy of Mallorca

Mallorca's gastronomy is an exquisite fusion of Mediterranean influences with distinctive local touches. It is a cuisine full of flavors and colors made from products that are grown on the island or come from the sea that surrounds it.

The basic ingredients of Mallorcan food are fresh fish and seafood, legumes and vegetables (with tomato as the main protagonist), olive oil and pork.

Typical Mallorcan dishes often incorporate extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary, as well as seafood such as sea bream, grouper and prawns. Meats are very present in the traditional cuisine and are also used to make excellent quality embutidos. Another distinctive ingredient is Mahón cheese, a cow's milk cheese with a unique flavor and creamy texture.

Typical Mallorcan dishes you must try

Mallorca's most typical foods are a celebration of authentic flavors and culinary traditions rooted in the local culture. They are often variants of other dishes from the Mediterranean region.

  • Arròs brut: The Mallorcan version of paella is a delicious spicy, brothy rice dish, originally cooked with meats (chicken, pork and rabbit), vegetables and greens. The star touch is a minced chicken and rabbit liver mix that is added at the end.

  • Tumbet: This elaboration of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, peppers and tomato is prepared with seasonal vegetables and greens, being a very typical summer dish. It is the equivalent of ratatouille in Spanish and French cuisine.

  • Sobrasada: One of the most typical products of Mallorcan cuisine, this unctuous and spicy sausage is made with pork, paprika and local spices. It is usually spread on toasted bread or incorporated as an ingredient in other typical dishes.

  • Pa amb oli: This Mallorcan classic literally translates as "bread with oil". More than a dish, it is a way of preparing bread that consists of spreading it with ripe tomato and extra virgin olive oil. It is usually served with cured meats or Mallorcan cheese, creating a simple but delicious gastronomic experience.

  • Coca de trampó: This Mallorcan food consists of a salty bread dough, the coca, covered with vegetables (peppers, onion and tomato) and cooked in the oven with oil and salt dressing.

  • Sopas mallorquinas: Surely one of the most typical meals of the island in the winter months, the soups are made with white cabbage, pork, and some vegetables. It is accompanied by a dry country bread that absorbs the broth.

  • Ensaimada: Mallorcan desserts are equally delicious, with the ensaimada as the star. This spongy, sweet dough is rolled into a spiral shape and can be filled with pastry cream, angel hair or chocolate, among other combinations.

 Singular Restaurant: discover the cocina del fuego

We invite you to visit The Lodge Mallorca and discover our Restaurante Singular, where we work the traditional cocina del fuego (fire cooking) in connection with the land of Mallorca.

The culinary proposal at Restaurante Singular is nourished by the environment that surrounds our land located in the Serra de Tramuntana, incorporating seasonal ingredients typical of the Mallorcan gastronomy. Here we work with products from the island that bring authenticity and flavor to every bite.

Our restaurant directed by the two Michelin star chef Ramón Freixa proposes typical Mallorcan dishes such as tumbet, Mallorcan gilda, grilled fish and meat, as well as garden products incorporated into a menu of contrasts and unique singularities. For dessert, you cannot miss our version of the traditional Mallorcan ensaimada.

Book your stay at The Lodge Mallorca and explore the Mallorcan gastronomy from our haven of luxury suites and villas. Experience the calm of staying in the middle of nature and create your own adventure in Mallorca.

April 04, 2024