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Nuevo restaurante en Mallorca: Restaurante Singular

Right in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, a new gastronomic space is opening its doors with the aim of becoming a home for the authentic flavours of Mallorca.

Restaurante Singular is born to offer all guests a unique Mediterranean gastronomic experience, with fire as the main character featuring the best products from the sea and the land.

Find out all about this new restaurant in Mallorca, a must for every gourmet traveller visiting the island. Optimum quality, an impeccable technique, and the best produce to offer a culinary experience to delight all your senses, something you can discover for yourself at The Lodge Mallorca.

The secrets of “La cocina del fuego

Restaurante Singular specialises in its own version of "La cocina del fuego", incorporating the best roasting techniques and the mastery of fire to create unique flavours. If you are looking for a different experience for your palate, you are in the right place.

The choice of wood plays a fundamental role in the cuisine at Restaurante Singular. Each variety is used to complement the food and enhance its flavour to the maximum, giving a distinctive touch to each recipe. Different characteristics produce different effects that translate directly to the dish.

Authentic Mediterranean flavours

Mallorca comes alive in each of the proposals at Restaurante Singular, using the best quality local and seasonal produce. Meat, fish and vegetables cooked with a combination of innovation and tradition, with excellent results.

The menu at Restaurante Singular delves into the origins of Mediterranean cuisine, in an area of Mallorca where farming and harvesting have predominated for centuries All this, with the aim of honouring the island's culinary heritage and culture, which is nourished by local products to prepare its most typical recipes.

Get to know one of the best restaurants in Mallorca

Located just 30 minutes from Palma de Mallorca by car, Restaurante Singular is located in the Tramuntana Mountains, an area with an invaluable natural heritage between the mountains and the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

In harmony with the surrounding environment, the restaurant has very spacious and elegant interiors, which capture all the natural light of the island creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as incredible views of the hotel's gardens. It also includes a viewpoint from where you can contemplate the trees and the sunset over the Mallorcan countryside. An idyllic setting that complements the gastronomic experience in the best way.

We invite you to discover a world of Mallorcan flavours at the Restaurante Singular and stay at our 5-star hotel in Mallorca, a luxury retreat in the heart of the island. Here you will truly feel the essence of Mallorca, while discovering all its natural treasures.

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April 18, 2023