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Traditions of Mallorca: Mediterranean origins

The customs and traditions of Mallorca are closely linked to the island's natural surroundings. Land and sea are part of this region's and its inhabitants' essence.

The traditions of Mallorca are part of the cultural heritage of the region that allow to discover the land and its people in a unique way. There is no better way to discover the true Mallorcan essence than exploring its most deeply rooted customs.

Connect with the essence of Mallorca

These are some of the traditions of Mallorca that will connect you closely with the origins, history and customs of the island. Take note and discover them!

Ancestral music

The Cant de la Sibil·la is one of the traditions of Mallorca that you cannot miss if you visit the island in December.

This medieval chant declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO is the oldest Christmas tradition in Mallorca. It is performed every December 24th in front of the attendants to the Misa del Gallo (Midnight Mass). During the act, a person dressed in tunic and cape representing the Sibil·la sings alone while holding a sword in front of their face.

This Mallorcan Christmas Eve tradition is celebrated all around the island, although the most impressive is the Cant de la Sibil·la in the Cathedral of Palma.

Folkloric dances

Among the traditions of Mallorca, music, and dance play an important role. The Ball dels Cossiers is one of the most important cultural samples of the island, an ancient rite converted into a dance that is performed all over the island on special occasions.

The dance is usually performed by a lady, the Demon and six cossiers who protect the woman from the evil figure. First documented in the 16th century, this dance is performed in a circle around the lady while the cossiers, dressed in colorful skirts and hats, try to defeat the Demon. In the end, good always wins.

Open-air markets

Surely the most famous fair in Mallorca, the Dijous Bo de Inca is a celebration that attracts thousands of people every third Thursday of November and an important sample of the Mallorcan essence.

This large open-air market in the town of Inca allows visitors to get to know the island's native products with hundreds of stalls that have their origins in medieval times. Traditionally, the event brought together farmers from all over the island who came to sell animals, vegetables, and other goods.

At the Inca market you can buy animal and earth products, jams, oils, cheeses, ceramics, leather crafts, Mallorcan embroidery and many other authentic products. You cannot miss the exhibition of the porc negre, a native pig breed of the island that is used to make sobrassada. You can also enjoy the best Mallorcan gastronomy in street food stalls.

Cultural heritage

One of the most magical nights of the year in Mallorca is the night of Sant Joan, June 23, when the islanders have the tradition of starting the summer with a sea bath. Another way to welcome the new season is by lighting bonfires that some people dressed as devils try to jump over.

Celebrated on January 16 and 17, the Fiestas de Sant Antoni are another of Mallorca's most celebrated traditions, part of the region's cultural heritage. Evocative of the island's agricultural past, the festival sees the release of the demons, creatures that dance in every town and village. The celebration also includes the tasting of typical products such as sobrassada, espinagada (Mallorcan pies) or botifarró (a trype of blood sausage).

Another tradition for Sant Antoni is the Beneïdes, a religious act in which Mallorcans take their pets to be blessed in church. The largest is celebrated in the Cathedral of Mallorca, which is filled with animals waiting for the parish priest's blessing.

Discover the essence and traditions of Mallorca

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October 18, 2023